Much to be Thankful For

happy-thanksgiving-1061456_1280It was shortly after Thanksgiving last year that I “came out” about my intention to donate a kidney to another person.  Looking back, I remember the fear and anxiety that was constantly trying to dominate my thoughts last year at this time.  Now however, I feel no different than before surgery, and I have experienced no ill effects following surgery.  This makes me exceptionally happy!

Now almost one year later, Katherine is doing amazingly well! Another great reason to be thankful.  Also, my decision  to donate led to another person choosing to donate her kidney for someone else.  How awesome!  The giving goes on.

So this year I am especially thankful for health – for me personally and also my family.  I am blessed to have both of my parents alive and well; I get to work out every morning with my best friend/husband; our kids are healthy and busy with work and social lives; I get to communicate with my family as often as I want, thanks to technology.  Oh and the list goes on…

I realize there are so many things we take for granted on a daily basis.  We often don’t see all the blessings around us.  Take a few minutes today and everyday to remember or recognize the things you can be grateful for.  And in case you’re curious, scientific studies show that positive emotions are good for your health.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Much to be Thankful For

  1. You are truly AMAZING Amy!
    So happy for you, that everyone is healthy, and you have inspired others to donate as well. Organ donation is so important and on behalf of many friends who have been on both ends of it I thank you for your bravery and for continuing to raise awareness.
    It’s been an absolute pleasure and I am extremely thankful to have met and workout with you and Chip every day.
    God Bless you! And Happy Thanksgiving!


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