One Month Later

winter-1367153_1280So yesterday marks one full month since I donated my left kidney and Katherine has had a new fully functional kidney. Wow!  In so many ways it feels like so much longer ago.

First of all, my physical health is pretty close to where I was before surgery.  Well, ok, my stamina at the gym isn’t quite there, but everything else seems to be back to normal.  The physical energy needed to get through a full day is sufficient.  I don’t have those urgent nap needs anymore.  I actually felt like that broke 2 days ago.  I’ve had 2 such moments where I clearly recognized that I had turned an important corner.  The first time was when my body mobility seemed like it was prior to surgery…bending, crouching, all those things seemed fine.  That was 2 weeks ago today.  Then this Thursday, I felt like my normal energy had returned.  I guess that means I can’t use the “I’m just tired” excuse anymore!

Secondly, when I remember the day before surgery or even the surgery itself, it seems like years ago, even though I can recall every little detail of that morning.  Some days it’s hard to believe it was a little over 4 weeks ago.

I marvel at how much we can care about one another.  I eagerly look for messages from Katherine each day.  I love hearing how her weekly bloodwork results are fantastic and what new things she has clearance to participate in!  God has brought the two of us together for this wonderful transfer.  Again, I think about how grateful I am that God chose me for such a great thing!

Yesterday, I encouraged a nurse and my doctor when I went in for an unrelated annual checkup.  Interestingly enough, I was their second patient that day who had donated a kidney!  They were both somewhat in awe of the whole thing and I just said, “There’s still good people in the world.”  He replied, “You just made my day.  That was an awesome thing you did.”

Again I am reminded of that verse that started it all, “You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:19b-20


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