Sisters Forever

When people stop by and see me they are amazed at how well I look and how great I am doing.  I felt the very same thing when I saw Katherine on Thursday!  We both look and feel great.

Mom and I stopped over at her house so my mom could meet her, Tod and her parents.  It was really nice.  We have certainly created a special bond.  We are equally excited to hear how well each of us is adjusting post surgery.  I am really amazed at how well we can both get around, stairs and all!  It hasn’t even been 2 weeks and we are feeling really great!

As if that wasn’t enough, Katherine’s numbers in her bloodwork have been fantastic!  Praise God – we prayed for a super kidney and I think she got one!  We both have follow-up appointments scheduled for Monday and that will be the first since we left the hospital that I will hear what my numbers are.

Such an amazing experience to be a part of a real life miracle.  It’s something you can’t quite explain.  I have a friend who I met through this whole thing, and she feels the same way about it.  I can’t help but wonder if more people had a giving mindset how it might change the world.  I’m not planning on becoming a living donor advocate or anything, but I would definitely recommend it!  It truly has been a wonderful experience even from day one.



Here’s a photo of Katherine and I about 10 days after surgery.  Amazing!


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