A Most Precious Gift


So we are 5 days post surgery.  WOW! I can hardly believe it!  Today I am feeling so well that I am showered, dressed and I can almost walk completely upright.  I feel amazing today which is great because yesterday was lousy.

I was able to talk to Katherine today and that was really fun!  We compared surgery stories – which were surprisingly very different!  She is improving and we celebrated the fact that she was able to leave the hospital without kidney disease!  How awesome is that!

Major life events like this can bring out the best in people!  My mom is here from FL to help take care of the family and me while I recover.  A friend dropped off a meal.  A friend came for a visit and brought soft, cozy LuLaRoe leggings.  My teen boys are willing to do anything for their mom, and my husband has been bearing the full burden of our business for the past 5 days.  My parents bought me a beautiful bracelet to remember this occasion forever.  This girl is definitely blessed. 🙂

Overall, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I see the grace of God in a whole new way.  He gave us a gift, one we can never repay or be good enough to earn; it’s simply a gift.  Katherine has learned to receive that kind of gift.  She can never repay for the gift of life she has been given.  That somehow makes the giving of such a gift incredibly precious.  I am honored that God chose me to give this precious gift of life to His daughter, Katherine.  Through this giving, our families have become woven together, and we will forever be family.  That’s another beautiful gift.


4 thoughts on “A Most Precious Gift

    • No physically. We knew our actual surgeries were different, but our pre-op experiences were quite different also. She was in a pre-op room and sedated. I was taken fully awake directly into the OR. Stuff like that.


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