You’re doing WHAT?!?!

Well I didn’t exactly hear those words , but it was clearly expressed in the voices and faces of people as they found out I was planning to donate one of my kidneys to an acquaintance at church.

How does a person get to a place where you consider doing such a thing? Well, in some ways I feel like this is such a simple answer and at other times, it seems far more complicated.

So for me, this is how it began:

I remember hearing about her need, and a brief conversation followed in which I quickly wondered about donating a kidney. Those thoughts were quickly dismissed after a discussion about blood types and according to our very expert opinions, I wouldn’t have been eligible anyway.  No one knew about the brief thoughts that went through my mind that day, and not much time later, I had forgotten all about it.

About 2-3 months later, I received an email that really changed my life. I head up the Prayer Team at our church, and another church leader forwarded me a request for Kat since she was in kidney failure and needing a transplant.

I don’t think I can fully explain what went through my mind that day. I felt such a strong need to do something!  I quickly replied to the email to find out how one would go about donating a body part for Kat.  After a few emails, I had to come out and say it….I wasn’t asking in general, just in case I ran into someone.  I made a full confession and committed to the inquiry by saying “I am asking about the process because I am considering being a donor.”

What seems like an innocent inquiry was actually a huge step for me and led to an incredible eruption of many different emotions both in that moment and also for months to come.


5 thoughts on “You’re doing WHAT?!?!

  1. I’m still in awe of God for choosing you to be the kidney donor for our sister in Christ! I’m so happy for you – you have been blessed to have been chosen! He who started this is Faithful and will see it completed! Hallelujah! Praise Him! I LOVE YOU!!!


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