12 Day Countdown 

So today was our final appointment at the hospital.  Kindof felt a little weird – on the ride there I realized that the next time we make this trip, it will be early in the morning on the day of the surgery.  Yeah, that gave me a funny feeling in my tummy!

Today I completely stopped thinking about the brief physical effects for me, and I thought only about Katherine and her husband.  We sat together, the four of us, from 10am until 3pm, and went from lab to doctor to social worker to…I don’t even remember them all!

As I listened to the impact this transplant would have on her life, I was slightly saddened.  Katherine is not ill.  She is not sick.  But her kidneys do not work and in about 2 more months she would be doing dialysis.  So praise God, he provided her with a donor before that!! However, as a result, she goes from taking absolutely no medication to quite a bit of it…for the rest of her life.  In addition, her surgery is obviously more complicated and is not done laparoscopicly.  I sat there wondering what this is like for her family.  All concerns about myself faded away as I thought about how quickly her life changed.  It was one seemingly innocent doctor’s visit….and life was forever changed.

It caused me to feel incredibly excited to be able to offer something of such great value to another person.  If anything, our time together confirmed my decision even more, and gave me a peek into her new reality. It also was a reminder that each and every one of us only has today.  We simply do not know what tomorrow holds.  Knowing that, I choose to live each day with my full attention given to the moment and honoring my God.

I suppose this is a sad(ish) tone, but that’s about how I feel right now.  I’m super excited to be able to help in such a unique way, and yet I’m saddened by the reality of living with kidney failure.


One thought on “12 Day Countdown 

  1. That’s awesome . It does say on my driver’s license I’m a organ donor however most of us don’t think about that until we are on the other end of life ready to pass on to Glory leaving one last act of kindness and life on this Earth for another. A friend of ours donated his kidney a few years ago. he had to travel for his donation. Godspeed both of your recovery


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